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Amazing Selling Experience. We can only express our sincere gratitude to Feleki and the team at Harcourts Queenstown for the wonderful way in which the entire process of our recent sale eventuated. Feleki was instrumental in enabling us to achieve an outstanding result at the recent auction. From the very beginning, he was the instigator of our success and his enthusiasm and experience helped us overcome the many hurdles we faced from the beginning of the renovations to the final auction. In a very difficult renovation market, he found us both a builder and a painter, who were able to immediately provide us with an answer to our major problem, how to renovate quickly and effectively. The result in less than three weeks was amazing, and all the way through Feleki was there to assist and advise us with the project. His marketing campaign was excellent and he even provided appropriate furnishings to present the apartment in a wonderful atmosphere. He gave very detailed and thorough reports to us throughout the campaig

Keith & Julie Stratton

Feleki Uhrle’s market knowledge, communication, and professionalism were all excellent. My sister and I had a huge emotional attachment to our house, as our father had built the house himself over 40 years ago. Since then three generations of our families have spent so many wonderful holidays there, and have so many happy memories that we knew it would be difficult to let the house go. But Feleki did an excellent job representing us. His knowledge of the sales market was excellent he kept us fully informed of all the interest that was shown in the property. Gave us comprehensive reports after every open home. Feleki has a quiet but very respectful manner about him which you don’t find very often in the real estate business. He made the whole process of selling the property so much easier than we thought it would be. We have sold many properties over many years, and Felekirates up there with the best of the real estate agents we have dealt with. His professionalism and dedication to the whole sales procedure was very much appreciated.

Lynette Chadwick

"Good follow up. Feleki was knowledgeable and efficient and made our purhcase smooth and stress-free"

PH| Auckland

"F&P both worked tirelessly to promote and sell our property. They both excelled our expectations. Both were professional, likable, and driven to get us the bestresult. They drove a creative campaign for us, keeping us updated along the journey. Their support and passion for our property helped us achieve an outstanding result."

S&S |Queenstown



Feleki, a long-time Queenstown police officer, transitioned to real estate, joining his wife Priscilla in 2016 to provide exceptional service in helping locals with their homes.

Upholding his ethical values from his policing days, he consistently delivers outstanding results for sellers, leveraging his negotiation skills and market knowledge. His unique approach involves identifying the potential in every property and crafting distinct marketing campaigns to highlight those attributes.

Supported by Harcourts Queenstown, a leading residential real estate specialists, Feleki ensures top-notch results that surpass client expectations, offering a seamless, effective, and tailored service for every sale.

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